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Introduction of the journal


(e-Magazine for Test and Measure)


A national, comprehensive e-site for quality assurance, condition check, test and measure for different sectors in sience, education and industrial practice.

Here is the mission statement of founding editors: New testing and controlling methods, instruments, equipments, computer applications and standards are introduced in it. One laboratory is introduced in each of the 32...40 page periodical published every three months. Pieces of preliminary and posterior information are published on programs, commanding the interest of the readers.

History of this e-magazine Anyagvizsgalok Lapja (Journal of Material Testers) was established in 1990, in association of GTE (Scientific Association Mechanical Engineers). During this 15 years period (1991-2005) altogether 63 printed release was issued quarterly.

e-AL since January, 2006. Encourraged by the highly respected ancestors we, current editors follow their mission with the determination that this is our minor contribution to bring developements of sience to everyday practicle.

In the cummulative index all articles -even from the printed time- can be searched by title and author's name. E-articles can be readed and down-loaded in pdf format.