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Recommendations to the authors

Recommendations to the authors

The issue of Material Testers issued exclusively electronically from January 2006 will publish technical papers offered by the authors free of charge in accordance with our previous practice. The articles will be revised, edited in columns, laid out in column titled and numbered pages with write-protection but in forms downloadable from our homepage (in the same way as our Paper has been issued in electronic form since autumn of 2003 as well)

The size of the manuscripts corresponding to the topics of our issue:

  • in case of technical papers 27 000 characters in general (including spaces, which equals to about 3 edited pages), including the thesis-like summary in English and list of references); if the number of figures, tables makes it necessary, the size can be increased by about 30%.
  • in case of repots, reviews the characters are between 4000 and 8000.

The text of the manuscript should be continuous, without laying out in columns and inserting tables and figures. The latter ones should follow the text. In the text - to stress - italics and boldface letter can be applied, spacing and upper cases are not allowed.

The following information will be given in footnote: the scientific degree, workplace of the authors - and if they want - their e-mail addresses; moreover the acceptance date of paper and remarks concerning to the past history of paper (e.g. the paper is a copy-edited lecture or the same or expanded variant of an earlier published paper).

  • the figures may be colored, but when editing the widths of a column for a figure is reduced to about 80 mm. For this reason the line thicknesses, letter sizes of the tables and diagrams should be visible and readable in this column width. The signs - if possible - should be put into the diagram. The diagrams, drawing-type figures should be saved electronically in .xls form, the pictures in a resolution of 150 dpi in .tif, .bmp, .jpg form.
  • a thesis-like summary of the articles (referring to the equation's, table's, figure's numbers) and maximum 5 keywords are also to be given. The authors publishing in Hungarian should enclose the title of the paper, the thesis-like summary, the keywords and the title of the figures and tables in English as well. In case of papers in English the same will be enclosed in Hungarian (translation provided by the editorial board).

The manuscripts will be read by the editorial board, if modifications become necessary we will consult with the authors (except for the modifications required by linguistic and typographic reasons).

The manuscripts should be sent to the editorial staff:

  • by post, to the following address: Marovisz., H-1211 Budapest, Varrógépgyár u. 8-10.; the articles on electronic medium (floppy disc or CD) should also be enclosed (with figures, tables) to the manuscripts (in paper form).
  • by e-mail to the following address:; the text in .doc, or in .txt form, the figures in .xls, .tif, .bmp, or in .jpg form.

Attachment can also be enclosed to the articles with relevant supplemental information, and with personal data (website, addresses, short professional activity).

We want to call the attention of our authors to the "Teacher's forum" on our website, where they can exchange experiences about methods, books in the field of material science in order to help each other.

Thanks for your cooperation, which supports the work of the editorial board and for the information to our professional community:

The editorial board